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  • For all your low volume, high quality niche manufacturing

    Serving all industrial sectors including medical.


  • Rework of electronic sub assemblies SMT and through hole

    Xray facilities with technical reports available. Call 0113 2394220


  • Precision Technology, Precise Solutions

    We pride ourselves on our working partnerships with both customers and suppliers which enables us to provide the most cost effective, efficient manufacture.


Electronic Manufacturing

ALL your Contract Electronic Manufacturing (CEM) requirements can be offered by Daletech.

  • Contract Electronic Manufacturing Services (CEM)
  • Total box build
  • SMT Assembly
  • Through Hole Assembly
  • PCB Assembly
  • Procurement, AOI & Testing
  • Staff trained to IPC610

Our services range from supplying PCB's (bare boards) to complete assembly including procurement of your BOM. Our engineers have expertise in both SMT and through hole assembly and can advise on the most cost effective method of production. Full test and inspection services can be included to your specifications.

Our flexibility is the key to your success - building product as you need it.

Conventional Assemblies - Surface Mount Assemblies - PCB Assembly

Automated SMT assemblies including through hole manual assembly with wave solder. Leaded assembly lines available if required. Single and double sided reflow. At the very centre of our surface mount production is the latest SMT placement technology. We are able to offer high density and mixed technology pcb assembly. Fully automated SMT placement, double sided convection reflow allows us to provide you with complete production flexibility. Our facilities enable us to deal with a total range of PCB's including Single sided; Double sided; Multi layer; Flexis; Flexi Rigid; High Temperature Circuits; High Power Circuits. All our engineers are trained to IPC industry standards in manufacturing to give you reassurance of our excellent quality of service.


The majority of our customers rely on our efficient and competitive procurement of all aspects of Bills of Material which can also include Environmental Protection, varnishes, conformal coatings, encapsulants, potting and sealed housings.

Inspection & Functional Testing

Our testing facilities will be tailored to your product and all aspects will be discussed to ensure you get the service you need.


Electronics manufacturing

Our IPC610 trained engineers provide OEMs throughout the world with access to the very best electronics manufacturing services at all times.

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PCB design services

From custom PCB design services to product upgrades, we work closely with you to ensure we meet your exact specifications at the lowest cost possible.

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SMT & PCb Reworks

As an experienced EMS company, we can provide high quality SMT and PCB rework services, along with fantastic electronic repairs or refurbishments.

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