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Manufacturing collaboration opportunities - the value of networking

No business exists in a vacuum, which is why it’s crucial to develop opportunities for manufacturing collaboration with both your industry peers and government organisations. Forging strong bonds is great for business and ensures that the manufacturing industry has a say on issues that affect it now and in the future.

The Manufacturing Alliance is a local organisation dedicated to this purpose, so let's take a closer look at what it does and how this valuable networking and lobbying group is supporting local businesses in Leeds and further afield.

The Manufacturing Alliance

The Manufacturing Alliance is divided into three separate sections – Leeds Manufacturing Alliance, Bradford & Airedale Alliance and Wakefield Manufacturing forum – to effectively cover the vast Leeds City region.

Each of these groups share the same goals – to support and advocate for local businesses and work with the education sector to solve the skills shortage in manufacturing.

How the Manufacturing Alliance offers support

The Alliance recognises that support can mean different things at different times, which is why there's always a dedicated business advisor available to assist your company. For example, you may need advice on:

- Available support and grant funding
- Improving the efficiency of your supply chain
- Effective business practices
- Developing peer-to-peer manufacturing collaboration opportunities

By being a 'go-to' point of contact for local manufacturers who are seeking advice, The Manufacturing Alliance allows local businesses to more efficiently manage their time and resources.

The Leeds Manufacturing Alliance – our involvement

We're proud to say that Daletech MD Tracey Dawson is Chairwoman of the Leeds Manufacturing Alliance.

As well as the more general aims of The Manufacturing Alliance, the Leeds group works to promote Leeds’ industrial heritage and use it to build strong export partnerships. After all, Leeds is one of the oldest and most important manufacturing cities in the UK, and it makes sense for the local group to develop its own personality.

Effective collaboration and strength in numbers

Effective collaboration grows every business sector, and the opportunity to share knowledge and commercial opportunity is something we encourage all businesses to embrace. The Manufacturing Alliance promotes peer-to-peer networking because it creates win-win situations for all the businesses involved and strengthens the local manufacturing industry’s standing both nationally and globally.

It’s fair to say that being a part of The Manufacturing Alliance improves the likelihood of great peer-to-peer relationships, but that's not all...

The Alliance is also an active voice in local and national government, lobbying on matters that directly affect the manufacturing industry – an important role that can be time-consuming and difficult for a standalone business to navigate. By offering this service, the alliance ensures that our sector’s interests are acknowledged and respected by those who introduce legislation.

Leeds manufacturing events

Events are a wonderful opportunity for networking and education, and The Manufacturing Alliance runs many of them throughout the year, covering various topics and themes such as:

- Innovation
- New legislation
- Improving business practices
- Export strategy
- Attracting graduates to manufacturing

Attending these events is a valuable way to build relationships within the industry, grow your company and attract ‘new blood’ to our sector!

We're convinced that there are only gains to be made by being a part of an organisation like The Manufacturing Alliance, and we hope that you agree. Developing a strategy for effective manufacturing collaboration could be the difference between a business that thrives and one that struggles to survive.

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