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Being at the forefront of the electronics manufacturing industry means that it's crucial for a company like Daletech to keep up-to-date with exciting developments in PCB technologies. Fortunately, we love what we do and we're always eager to see where talented developers are taking this fascinating technology next - and of course, we’re always developing new things for our own OEM customers too.

The last year or so has seen a number of innovative and progressive technologies hit the market and change PCB design forever - again proving that electronics has yet to reach its potential to improve all aspects of modern living.

Wearable consumer PCB electronics

New PCB technologies are driven both by demand and our inherent desire to reinvent and improve on the wheel, and one area that benefits from these factors is consumer wearables. The popularity of products like Garmin's Vivosmart, Fitbit and Apple iWatch shows no sign of slowing down, and with every new iteration the market demands greater computing power and accuracy.

We've now come to the point where wearable tech has genuine healthcare applications too. Along with the incredible advancements in touch sensitive electronics, we're also well on the way to wearables that allow patients to track their own health conditions 24/7 - which will represent a much more efficient and immediate way to manage diabetes, cancer, heart disease etc.

Assistive PCB routing

DesignCon 2018 brought some interesting new technology to our attention, but we're particularly intrigued by assistive PCB routing, which really does have the potential to change our industry forever. Having the power to precisely route a bus or differential pairs automatically brings us ever closer to generative PCB design – another great step forward for the electronics industry.

New PCB technologies for traffic lights

As we've mentioned in previous articles, PCBs' presence is far-reaching, and while they've been used in traffic lights for over 30 years, the latest designs are going to be much more interactive. Traffic lights have been able to adjust their schedule to allow for traffic flow for a while now, but they’ll soon be capable of communicating information about when they’re about to change with queuing vehicles.

It's hoped that this will prevent accidents, save fuel and impact positively on pollution - and that’s all going to be possible because of advances in PCB design.

Waterproof PCBs

Improving waterproofing properties of electronic devices is always a high priority for manufacturers, and up until now the most reliable method has been to use waterproof casings. However, these are never foolproof and only offer a solution up to certain depths due to pressure - but the latest ideas are to make the actual PCBs themselves waterproof. This means that wristwatches and wearables can be lighter and also functional much deeper underwater, and that mobile phones will survive a dunking in the bath with no ill effect!

Never has there been a more exciting time to be involved with electronics, and we're looking forward to being able to implement some of these emerging PCB technologies into our production lines.

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