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For OEMs with products that rely on electronics, finding a specialist with the technical 'smarts' is essential – but to find the best electronic manufacturing service provider, you want more from them than just knowing their PCBs: you should be focusing on their USPs as well.

At Daletech, we’ve been providing high quality, low volume electronic manufacturing services to OEMs for more than 3 decades, and in this time we’ve learned that truly great service isn’t just about offering a good product at a reasonable cost.

To get the best product outcomes, the entire customer journey must start - and finish - with a strong and transparent relationship.

The building blocks of a successful relationship

We understand that our electronics expertise is only part of the story that leads to our clients’ successes – and that without contributing to their success, we can’t thrive as a business ourselves.

We also recognise that while most businesses say they offer an exceptional standard of customer service, we need to make it really personal and follow through on our promises to make it stick.

So how do we ensure that we really do make a difference to our clients?

1. We're fans of a face-to-face - to deliver an electronic manufacturing service that goes above and beyond your expectations, we invest a lot of time and interest in your business and understanding your industry. We like to start with a personal meeting so we can really delve deep into your requirements, and make suggestions if we identify a potentially valuable alternative for you. Then we keep in touch and stay available for anything you may need - we're in it for the long haul.

2. We keep a keen eye on our KPIs - we measure and monitor the things that really matter to you to ensure our standards don't slip. Our whole team is passionately committed to our products and our service values, and we display our results for 100% visibility and honesty.

3. Always adaptable - a rigid approach is limiting and inevitably results in compromises to output quality, so we adapt with you and for you. Nothing is ever too much trouble – just tell us what you need, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

4. Our ideas, your IP - your products belong to you, we’re just here to help you develop the best version of it. However much input we may have had in the design or problem-solving process, you always retain your IP.

5. We continually improve - and we literally put our money where our mouth is when it comes to investing in new manufacturing equipment and skills. We constantly look at our processes, systems and services to ensure we keep our customers satisfied, and keep up with them as they grow.

By dedicating so much of our time to consultation and customer care, we've built a fantastic reputation for our electronic manufacturing services; this comment from one of our long-standing clients says it all:

"We've been trading with Daletech Electronics Limited for 31 years. Both in design and development we have found them to be excellent, helping us with progress in our product and keeping us at the forefront of equipment design within our industry. They have designed and manufactured our PCBs in their thousands for us over this period of time, all to a very high standard."

Relationships really do come first here at Daletech, so if you’d like a no-obligation chat about how our electronic manufacturing services can help to elevate your products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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